New Voices

The New Voices programme ran for the first time in 2019 to inject new and radical ideas into the conversation. The programme was inspired by the ‘X Club’, a group of like-minded radicals in the 1860s, who were united by their passion and devotion to science. The programme builds on this legacy, inviting around 40 young leaders (‘New Voices’) that are putting unique ideas into action for the benefit of science and society in 2019.

The participants were selected for their contribution to, and work in, the following categories:

  • Science, technology and innovation
  • Policy and politics
  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Media, community and campaigns.

The programme offers young leaders a valuable opportunity for networking with UK leaders in business, science, policy and the media.

Find out more about the New Voices 2019 below.

New Voices 2019